Barracuda Power

We created this wingsuit because many many jumper asked for it. And when We tried, got surprised. WOOOOOW! So fast, So agile, So hard! After some testjumps We got plenty of interest, and no bad opinions at all. The suit has done more what We expected. Finally our intermediate power suit has born! Made for experienced pilots who can handle speed and able to open safely with grips. You can reach incredible number in Km/h and glide ratio as well. But if You wanna play, then let's go and turn like noone else between the clouds, or step away from your buddies in a race.

Perfect for high speed flocks, and recommended for teaching. If You want to get your position in the formation or catch the student, You can do it quickly. Suit has ability to fly fast, and slow too. And naturally it goes very well on the back. Barracuda Power has a high performance characteristics like deep armwing angle, extended wing surface and 20 cm grips to extend your arms like an arrow. 3D air inlets, halfed cells, reinforcements, escape slaves. These are some new developements on the suit and makes effective improvement in flight. All suit goes with backfly inlets and zip-up cords. Naturally foams in the bootie and the leading edge.

Thanks for the computerised design what We use now, it makes the whole suit to a unit. As a result We got a totally smooth shape in the air, goes like a rocket. Cells and inside walls made from ripstop nylon, so the suit became to light, but strong construction. The new range of Barracudas are totally modern high-tech developements. Cutting, aerodynamical benefits, and look pointing to the future.

Factory defaults

- Backfly inlets
- Zip-Up cords
- BASE sole
- Foamfilled Bootie
Extra options

- BASE shoulder
- Arm cutaway system
- Leg cutaway system
- Extra pocket
- Tail pocket

full view front

full view back