Barracuda power plus is the advanced suit for those who like high performance flocking, acrobatics or even XRW but also very good suit for BASE jumping. So if you are experience pilot capable to handle it, it won't be a difficult to fly it in any angle or speed. If you are planing to do such types of jumps with this suit you cover all your needs en both environments Skydive and BASE. The new Leading edge doesn't generate any drag increasing the performance. The new ribs help to increase the pressure and keep the wings in a perfect shape and at the same time the suit is easy to control. The new air inlets have shown a quick inflation and pressurization in BASE exits which translates in a quick start. High Speed and Good Glide which give the chance to perform very good FLARES. Easy to fly and pull, after the deployment you can reach the raisers with your hands and do "raiser control" to avoid a possible linetwist. Only recommended for experienced pilots !!!!! I would recomend at least 200 wingsuit jumps !!!!! If we compare it with the new Barracuda Power 2 the BP2 is a bit faster due its aggressive angle of attack and less surface but the BP+ has a bit more of glide . Flying are the same thing in terms of skills and flare for both is very good taking in count that one is faster and the other has a bit more of glide . BP2 is perfect for light guys and due their low wingloading they don't need the BP+. Clarifying my words light guys can do the same with the BP2 but heavier guys to do all of that is better the BP+. I like very much the BP2 due the possibility of aggressive steep angle and high speed and I choose one suit or another depending the type of jump I am planning to do. But also in your back you can flock with a Piranha. I hope this information is good for you, in case you need more please contact me! wish you blue skies

Bruno Alonso

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"the ws is very good very fast and stable and finally has the pressure that I was looking. I'm very happy for that "

- Piergiorgio Ciottoli Tomasello - WS Instructor

"The suit is amazing. The pressure is unbelievable."

- Jason Dodunski - WS | BASE

"happy for your job It's a fantastic WS ;)))"

- Piergiorgio Ciottoli Tomasello - WS Instructor

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