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Tunnel Art by Anna Galperin Hybrid fantasy Project by Anna Galperin. This kind of wonder can happen when art meets passion and sport and enthusiastic people. This kind of wonder can happen when art meets passion and sport and enthusiastic people. Intrudair News
Intrudair Wingsuits sparling in the night!!! Look at this awesome night jump by: Ingmar Kraft, Marcel Peters, Helmut Tacke (Germany) No limit in dreaming! Grow yours, take steps, make it real! Intrudair News
Intrudair - Aerodyne cooperation 10% COUPON For every suit order, you revice a 10% Aerodyne coupon. Intrudair News
RS Wingsuit Review by Bruno Alonso Detailed review about our biggest Wingsuit. Honest words by Bruno Alnoso | FB: @brunoxtreme87 Intrudair News
USA DEALER WANTED We are looking for new members into our dynamically growing team! « READ MORE » Intrudair News
The Traveling Boogie by Per As a first step, we are organizing a Dropzone Boogie Tour, and we opened in the US with the help of Per. His colorful personality and serious skydive and wingsuit experience will help to showcase our latest developments and ensure good atmosphere. « READ MORE » Intrudair News
Half-A 2.0 Review by Adrian Sandu Tips and recommendations fot hybrid suit flyers « View PDF » Intrudair News
Aerodyne We are happy to announce that Intrudair and Aerodyne have started a cooperation, sharing our experience in sport, development and testing. « READ MORE » Intrudair News
Wahoo 2 one-piece tracking suit Take a look « Watch Video » Intrudair News
Barracuda Power Plus Product Preview by Goncalo Resende « Watch Video » Intrudair News
New Bags Pro Gearbag, Stashbag, Stashbag Lite « SHOP NOW » Intrudair News
DROPZONE OFFER Dear visitor, dropzone manager, club chief, instructor, tandem factory owner! You know exactly how important is the brand look... « DZ OFFER DETAILS » Intrudair News

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