Piranha 3

It’s always good having a Piranha and the new version of our most popular Wingsuit is done! The Piranha3 is now available!

The Piranha is a great choice for beginner and advanced flyers alike. A stabile planform with a wide range of uses is what makes the Piranha so popular. It can be your first Wingsuit, but it can also be your go to suit in your quiver of suits to have fun in. Fly the Piranha on its back, flock, fly dynamically, acrobatically, perform or just surf the clouds.

For a beginner, the Piranha3 is very easy to fly. Deployment is clean without any stress and the arm wings do not cover the pilot-chute at all. It’s a great suit to learn all the foundations of the discipline that is wingsuiting.

Since we had so much positive feedback about the Piranha2, we stayed with the main features and characteristics that are distinct to the Piranha when designing the Piranha3.

The main parameters have not changed.

  • The size of the wings
  • The height of the wing profile
  • The surface of the air inlets
  • The angle of the leading edge
  • The wideness of leg wings.

However, we have made the whole suit smoother. The leading edge is cleaner, the ratio of the cells is improved and the curves meet the material gently to give an aerodynamically reliable shape.

The design has been upgraded to match our range of new generation wingsuits and with digital designing and laser cut guarantee the maximum precision makes the product absolutely pure in look and in flight as well.

Factory defaults

- Backfly inlets
- Zip-Up cords
- BASE sole
- Foamfilled Bootie
Extra options

- Arm cutaway system
- Leg cutaway system
- Extra pocket
- Tail pocket

full view front

full view back