Please pay attention to choose the closest suit to your experience and your imagination...


A middle wing-surfaced suit that is easy to fly. Piranha is for beginners, advanced and fun jumpers as well.
It offers solid and stable flight and directing features. Perfect choice for fun jump, flocking and acro tricks.
It can be flown easily on your back as well. Opening is not risky due to the size of the wings, and the extra surface next to the body provides the required performance.
Perfect choice for B.A.S.E. jumps.


The Barracuda 2 is a great all purpose suit. This intermediate surfaced suit gives You freedom of flight. Even if it's not a beginner suit, yet easy to fly. Recommended about 40 wingsuit jumps before try, but You will be surprised when you feel just more time and glide with no difficulty in usage. Turning is effective to follow your buddy or surfuing the clouds and stable on back like any other Barracuda.


Make FUN in the air! Do You want to enjoy wingsuiting? Touching clouds, trying some barrel rolls? Don't forget to call your buddy, and take your Barracuda Freestyle! This suit has born to make You smile. Very easy to fly, and even if You think on a barrel roll, it happens. The end of the maneuver is up to You, but the suit deserves it and definately will cause happiness. Totally handy while backflying, and You can transform it easily to headdown.


Perfect for high speed flocks, and recommended for teaching. If You want to get your position in the formation or catch the student, You can do it quickly. Suit has ability to fly fast, and slow too. And naturally it goes very well on the back. Barracuda Power has a high performance characteristics like deep armwing angle, extended wing surface and 20 cm grips to extend your arms like an arrow.


A unique, specially cut, high performance suit from Intrudair. It can be flown at high horizontal speed. The suit has pitched arm position and extra sized wing surface. Shark is designed for experienced wingsuit pilots (min 100 -150 flights). Perfect for B.A.S.E. Jumps, but only for experienced jumpers. Your gliding ratio can reach even 3. It provides stable flight, and the angle of incidence and cut of the arm wing provides comfortable position for your arms during flying.

Manta 2

Big surfaced performance suit. Manta is offered for the lovers of slow and long flying. Not so easy to fly, only recommended for experienced ws pilots!


This suit recommended especially for performance pilots who have reliable experience with big suits. During the test We got awesome numbers all in distance, time and speed. What is definately revealed, the Orca needs some speed to fly perfectly. If You are good and brave enough than You will feel. We thought about BASE jumpers as well. If You want to hide your harness under the suit, just choose the BASE shoulder option.