Barracuda Freestyle

Make FUN in the air! Do You want to enjoy wingsuiting? Touching clouds, trying some barrel rolls? Don't forget to call your buddy, and take your Barracuda Freestyle! This suit has born to make You smile. Very easy to fly, and even if You think on a barrel roll, it happens. The end of the maneuver is up to You, but the suit deserves it and definately will cause happiness. Totally handy while backflying, and You can transform it easily to headdown.

As no grips, You are able to grab your friend and having fun together. Also gives You freedom in flights and clean deploy every time. And if You want to learn and do acro wingsuiting, then competing with the biggest pilots, then this is the right choice for You. You can be part of any kind of flock with this suit. Barracuda Freestyle is able to fly fast and slow as well, agile and handy in one time. The halfed cells, reinforcements and escape slaves shows that We developed the collection a lot. All suit goes with backfly inlets and zip-up cords. Naturally foams in the bootie and the leading edge.

What You can not see: the computerised design what makes the whole suit to a unit. As a result We got a totally smooth shape in the air. The cells and inside walls are made of ripstop nylon, so the suit became to a light, but strong construction. The new range of Barracudas are totally modern, high-tech developements. Cutting, aerodynamical benefits, and look pointing to the future.

Factory defaults

- Backfly inlets
- Zip-Up cords
- BASE sole
- Foamfilled Bootie
Extra options

- Arm cutaway system
- Extra pocket
- Tail pocket

full view front

full view back