Swoop pants

Based on the experience of many professional compe-titors, these pants are equipped with most of the things that you might need in this style: tight cut with elastic pads between the legs to let you move freely.
The knees and bottoms are strenghtened and stuffed with absorbent material to make it wea-and-tear-proof and comfortable.
There is an extra pocket on the back of the thighs where you can keep the detachable slider and the pilot schute, the container.
The legs can be zipped off so you can use them even in hot weather or jumping above the water jump.
The pocket for your sunglasses and a metal ring fro the packing line on the right side are also extras.

Unzippable legs, two zipping pockets on thighs, two jeans-pocket, cordura knee- and bottom-strengthening with soft lining, inner lining on the knees against the burning during friction. Available extras:
RDS pocket on the back of the right thigh
Air-vents on the back of thighs, extra embroidery.

Available extras
Air ventillation opening 15 €
RDS pocket 12 €