Student Suit

We developed our student suit model with lot of good advices from AFF instructors of Europian DZs. We have the experience to choose the right material of these suits which depends of the size. One of the best feedback for us is that there are few big DZs who ordered two or three times of the last years, because they are satisfied with Intrudair.
Suits are made fix sizes and fit cut on the body with elastic parts on the back for the comfortable moving.

Custom claim acceptable.

The student suit contains:
-massive grips on the arms and legs.
-cordura knee and bottom
-Ykk zipper and nylon sewing
-elastic parts
-high neck
-inside pocket

-full cordura legs and arms for heavy weight students
-extra DZ embroideries


IMPORTANT! Student suits are made with
XS, S, M - spandex lower arm, full elastic back
L, XL, XXL - linen lower arm, elastic parts on back