It was developed in long years to be the most comfortable, the strongest and the most appropriate for the aim, using the advice and needs of many experienced pilots and groups. You can order it from many kinds of materials, with different kinds of grips and extras, according to your needs, from the basic to the full extra type.

Including: Bootie, inner pocket, grips on the arm and legs, strengthened cordura or parapack knee, double bottom-patch.

Available extras: Double grips on the upper-arm, extra heel on the bootie, bootie with air-pocket, soft knee-patch, extra pockets on the upper-arm/ thigh/ bootie, extra thig lower-arm, extra embroidery.

The factory deafult is 1-1 Grips on the Arms and 1-1 on the Legs.

Available extras
Air openings on the booties 15 €
Comp version grips 60 €
Double grips on upper arms 30 €
Grips on the inner legs 20 €
Extra pocket 15 €
VISO pocket 15 €
Knee protector 20 €