Instructor Suit

This suit is a multispeed suit, fit cut on the body with strong elastic parts for the comfortable movement. We recommend it for AFF instructors who don't like changing the suit when going back loading frequently. You can set the speed of the suit by multispeed zipper.

You can order your suit with different speed:
-fast-normal speed (light weight jumper)
-normal-slow (normal weight jumper)
-slow-extra slow (for heavy weight jumper)

-cordura knee and bottom
-elastic parts on the back and between the legs
-multispeed arms and legs with
-one inside on outside packet
-nylon sewing and YKK zipper

-Separate jacket and pantz
-air conditional vents for the hot days
-extra pocket for the radio
-extra DZ embroidery


Available extras
Extra pocket 15 €
Double material (arms+legs) 20 €
Cordura knee & bottom free