Freefly suit

This suit is specified for body flight, designed for the new generation of freeflyers.

It has tighter and snugger cut that makes skydiving more accurate since there is no baggy surface.
It's tight at the chest, waist and hip,and the arm and leg part have straight cut.
Elastic parts on the back and between the legs enable the greatest free movements.
We recommend strong elastic strip for the wrists and ankles (technical leg cuff type).
Your freefly suit can be made of different materials, depending on the desired speed of the suit. And you can choose 3 different looseness: narrow - normal - loose.

Take a look at the Freefly Comp!

Available extras
Freefly grips on arms 15 €
Freefly grips on legs 15 €
Extra pocket 15 €
Double material 20 €
Cordura knee & butt 20 €
Bat-armpit 15 €
Air-vent on arms 25 €
Air-vent on legs 25 €
VISO pocket 15 €
Air inlets 15 €
Taslan material 50 €
Nylon front 20 €
Multispeed 50 €
Personal Embroidery 20* €