Freefly pants

You can choose many types of swoop pants for both hobby and competitive sports.

You can order it with individually designed patterns desides the new patterns available. We recommend to have air vents for hot summer days.

It was developed for long years to be the most comfortable, the strongest and the most appropriate for the aim, using the advice and needs of many experienced pilots and groups. You can order it from many materials, with different grips and extras, according to your knees- from tha basic type to the full-extra one.

Including: Two jeans-pocket, an outer opening-proof pocket, double bottom- and knee-strengthening.

Available extras: Cordura or parapack knee and bottom strengthenings, extra pockets, air-vents on thighs, netty air-openings on legs, zipping leg (if the cut makes it possible), unique design, extra embroidery.