We had a chance to meet the great Dallas BASE Crew TEAM. Charity, Luke, Brad and Eugene are professional Skydivers in Dallas. They do Freefly, Tracking, Wingsuiting and BASE. Our collaboration started with our brand new freefly suit, what they like lot. So We decided to dedicate the suit for them. Let me introduce the Intrudair FreeFly DBC Suit:

Designed for high speed freefly jumps. Always tight cut with lot of elastic parts, so the suit is fast and comfortable. We use the most modern materials and accessories. You can set the looseness of the forearms and the lower legs for the efficient moves and brake according to your style. Also the materials are choosable for the soft tuning.

Technical details:
Body: strong nylon or taslan
Forearm: cordura or taslan or strong nylon
Bottom, Knee and shin: always cordura
Windproof elastic parts - back, elbow, knee, hip, thigh, inner leg, between the legs
Windproof YKK zippers
Elastic ankle with loop
Options: grips, knee protectors, extra pockets, VISO pocket

.. .. ..

Available extras
Freefly grips on upper arms 15 €
Freefly grips on thighs 15 €
Freefly grips on lower legs 15 €
Knee protector 20 €
Inside pocket 15 €
Outside pocket 20 €
VISO pocket 15 €