Our proudly sponsored teams and athletes:

Mattia Fenati

Jumps +2.500
USPA Coach, AFF Instructor and SL Instructor, Canopy Coach, Cameraflyer, Italian Champion 2013 2014 and 2015 Wingsuit Performance Competition Cat. Intermediate, 6 Place Italian Swoop Fest 2012, 31 Class. Accuracy FAI World Cup Canopy Piloting 2013,
4 Place Italian Canopy Piloting Championship 2014, 2015 Italian new Distance Record Holder in Canopy Piloting.


Team Orbitrider are a group of young pilots and athletes focussed on basejumping, skydiving, speedflying and skiing. Check out their website for more information.


Team Whooops was formed in 2004. Since formation, the team went through a number of changes before winning the Dutch Nationals in 2010, 2011 and 2012; positioning them as the Dutch National FS4 team in the AAA class in 2011, 2012 and 2013. They competed in two European Championships in Germany (2011) and Bosnia (2013), and at the World Championships in Dubai (2012). They finished 8th in both European Championships and 20th in the World Championship. 2013 was Team Whooops’ final year competing and would like to thank Intrudair for their wonderful support over the years!


Nothing can stop Emil Straub. Despite being paraplegic from a motorcycle accident in 2008, Emil took up skydiving and passed his licence with flying colours and hasn't looked back. "The sky is the limit" he says. We are proud to sponsor him! Follow his latest skydiving adventures on his Facebook page.


A team of aspiring BASE Jumpers and seasoned Skydivers fascinated by the lucidity of life when constantly challenging your senses and living in the moment. Like many others, they shared one dream since they were children—to fly. Based out of Dallas, Texas, the members of DBC are simply living their "dream" and loving every moment of life, with hopes of entertaining and inspiring others along the way. Their sports are tools to them, for as soon as they are in freefall everything else just disappears, and they only think about and love one thing, "now". That's why they "choose to live THE day"!


Team Jetmax was created 3 years ago in Belgium by Steven Lopez. The current line-up was however only put together 4 months ago and is a mix of Belgian and French skydivers flying in Belgian DZs:

- Steven (point - BE)
- Steve (Outside C. - FR)
- Ludovic (Inside C. - FR)
- Simon (Tail - BE).

Thanks to our coach Mel Debry, member of the Belgian FS4 female team, we finished 2nd of the 2015 World Challenge in Bedford in the Rookie class for our first competition. We now endeavour to achieve results in Single A category this year. Our objectives? catch up with the Whooops, also supported by Intrudair and perhaps grow fast to compete with our Belgian friends of Hayabusa Defense and Thunder ISR!!! We fly with FS Comp suits and we just love it. The efficiency of the design when flying indoor/outdoor is great, the manufacturing details are perfect and the measurements are spot on. The look? well, all dressed up actually many people in Bedford thought we were flying in AA category. When not flying FS, we enjoy FF too: the FF suits and Ludovic's special DBC short sleeve/pants summer suit just call for the same conclusion: Intrudair simply delivers great products. Last but not least: the best of Intrudair for us, the Intrudair team. Always reactive, always finding solutions, always there when you need them. Thanks guys! We train outdoor in PVC (Schaffen) and indoor at Airspace Skydiving. More info on JETMAX on www.teamjetmax.com and on our Facebook page.

Achievements in 2015:

- World Challenge - Bedford (UK) - RESULTS: 2nd place
- Flanders Cup - Zwartberg (BE) - RESULTS: 2nd place
- Belgian Championship - Schaffen (BE) - RESULTS: 1st place
- Bodyflight Revenge challenge - Bedford (UK) - RESULTS: 2nd place
- Flyspot Polish Open - Warsaw (PL) - RESULTS: 1st place
- ISR Grand Prix - Roosendaal (NL) - RESULTS: 1st place

Portugal Freefly Team
Tobi Scherrinsky
Carlos Pedro Briceno
Wingsuit Academy Empuriabrava