Swiss Wingsuit Nationals 2017 (Gruyère)


Remo and the ORCA won all the disciplines!

Time: 83,1 s
Distance: 3,525 m
Speed: 272,2 Km/h

Official results

Previously with Remo:


Do You know what is the secret to jump 5000?
Always think twice, know your gear, open your eyes, and go to jump…
Remo did.

We are proud to sponsor him as one of the greatest skydivers with 24 Years old BASE background.
Many experience, many great day on dropzones and hills, many friends.
Now He fly an ORCA. With special technique, with special winglet, and always with smile.
Representing Switzerland and representing Intrudair.
Thank You for all, and Congratulation for this awesome high number of your jumps…

Keep Goin Remo!!! Keep Jumpin!