Intrudair gives warranty for the material, the quality and the lifespan of the suit if the product shows production failures. The repairs are done for free but if the suit cannot be repaired, we replace it. The warranty does not include repairs of failures and fading of colours caused by accident, misusage, carelessness, wearing away.

It is important that the problem must be reported in time, please write email or phone, because we can only solve the warranty problems in 30 days after delivering.

Intrudair does not give warranty for damages caused during delivery, please call us immediately and we will report the damage to the courier company.

The warranty does not include stains and burns.

Unforseen accidents can happen with even the most carefully handled suits. We gladly take on the repairs if possible and inform you about the costs of the repairs and the delivery.

Wearing away:

Intrudair tries to use the best technologies and materials but the signs of wearing away will appear sooner or later even if you use the suits carefully, this is inevitable. The warranty does not include wearing away.

Who pays the costs of the warranty delivery?

The customer pays the costs of the warranty delivery to Intrudair. We can recommend courier companies if necessary. Intrudair does not take responsibility for the lost of parcels during the delivery. Intrudair pays the cost of the warranty delivery back to the customer.

Important notes about suits to repair:

Please send us a photo of the damaged parts if possible and send a short description about the damage and also indicate it on the suit with a colourful ribbon or a pin. Send the suit without contamination (otherwise cleaning costs 15 euros).
Include your name, address, email address and telephone number with the suit that you send to repair. In case of repairs not included in the warranty, we can only give you a price offer after a preliminary consultation.

Caring instructions:

Any skydiving suit can be washed with a safer program ( maximum 40 degree warm water) in a normal washing machine together with color cather sheets in case Your suit has at least two different colours like black and white parts. Do not use fabric softener or other detergents that have softening agents, as it will reduce the fabric surface tension and will have a negative effect on the fabric performance. In cases where no technical washing products exist, and you only have the option of normal washing products was the suit with Your own hands. Please always follow the garment care label for drying instructions. Intrudair suit’s are striclty not allowed to use washer dryers, You can dry the suit only on a hanger. It is strictly not allowed to wash any wingsuits in washing machine. To make that clean again please use sponge , washing soap with water and Your hands.

We want to inform You that we do not provide any warranty for washing issues!
In case You have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service info@intrudair.hu!

Shipping back:

IMPORTANT: If You are outside of EU please write an e-mail before sending back the product, and We arrange the carrier.