• Choose the article to be ordered.
  • Colour the apparel using the colouring programme
    (in case of special order, e-mail to: i n f o @ i n t r u d a i r . h u )
  • Write your size to the appropriate place (read the instructions for taking measures carefully
    before placing your order)
  • Choose the extras required and the speed of the apparel.
  • Enter your personal data (each data will be considered confidential)
  • Other requests shall be written to the Remarks.
  • Send us the order form, and soon you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about your order.
    You have the possibility to change your order for free in 3 days.
    If you don't receive any confirmation in 2 days, please write an e-mail to:i n f o @ i n t r u d a i r . h u
  • Double check everything in the information screen mailed to you, and if you found everything alright, press the confirm button in the upper right corner.
    After this, you will receive the proforme invoice.
  • You can transfer to our bank account or to our paypal account. (About/Pament)
    Delivery time will be calculated from the day the money has been credited to our account
    (you may exceed the process if you send us an e-mail attaching the scanned money transfer
  • The average time of manufacture a suit is 8-10 weeks.
  • As your suit is complete we send it by TNT parcell company, and you will receive a tracking number to follow your package at www.tnt.com. (About/Delivery)
  • You receive the suit - smile - jump a lot