High quality custom embroideries

You can have your own embroideries on your suit. We can embroider name tags, web addresses, smaller and bigger logos.
The custom embroideries have some extra cost, check the price and detail categories below. Please note, that the suits already contain our brand logos (of course, no extra fee), in case of overlapping conflict, we will inform you.

How to:

When you place your order, please write us an email with your needs. Attach the required files, such as fonts, logo images.
You can ask for a design plan, so you can confirm what you see is what you get.

Please specify every detail you can: position, size, direction, etc!


We can handle almost every kind of file formats. But if you can, please send your logo either in hi-res jpg/png or vector based format such as *.ai or *.eps. If you need some help, feel free to ask!


By default, we use Cabin bold italic, a smooth, well-readable font, which looks great on the suits.
You can check how it looks below:

If you want to use your own, of course, it is possible.
It's adequate to tell us the name of the font, but if you can, please attach it in your email.


Name tag / small text

This category is for simple name tags up to 15cm length, in most case positioned on the right side of the chest, or on the back, below the neck. We use 'Cabin bold italic' font, but also you can choose your own (check the font section above for more detail).

20 €


Web address / small logo

This category is for web addresses, and lower/mid-detailed logos. The web address is often embroidered on the side of legs or arms, and the logos are preferably on the chest, shoulder or above the knee.

35 €


Extra / high detailed logo

This category is for higher complexity logos. The maximum length is 35 cm, color gradients are not possible. Even if you send it in vector based format, we need to edit it for the embroidery machine (which is a time consuming job), that's why the extra editing price is being charged. Very small details may get simplified during the process.
50*+30 €
*The editing costs 50 €, which is being charged once per design.